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Lending in CA and AZ only
Lending in CA and AZ only

About Michael Faulkner


“I promise my clients four things: great customer service, prompt communication, mortgage education, and that they will be treated like people, not loan numbers.”


“I see you and your future first before I think about anything else.”

Michael understands that there is a lot that goes into purchasing a home. For the most part, a home purchase is the largest financial decision an individual will ever make. His education-focused approach to the loan process is how he makes sure his clients have a clear understanding of their financial picture so that he can help them make wise decisions during this important purchase, and ultimately set them on the right path to the future.



Michael got into the mortgage industry in 2004 with the primary goals of effectively communicating with home buyers and helping them navigate the intricate process of obtaining a home loan. His customer-centric, educational approach was set in stone early in his career as he began to hear from so many consumers about the overall lack of customer service throughout the industry.

Michael made it his mission to solve home buyers’ biggest complaints. He strives to be an effective communicator, provide education, and explain the “why” behind the loan products and rates. If the consumer is educated, then they can make good decisions about their loan product when buying their dream home. Delivering this home loan experience is what makes him passionate about doing loans.

Michael is a mortgage educator before he is a mortgage advisor.