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Lending in CA and AZ only
Lending in CA and AZ only

Surgical precision.


A steady hand.

There’s A LOT to admire about a medical doctor.

Their preparation alone warrants the highest of praise. Then there’s the years of medical school and residency, which are undoubtedly grueling and intense. The demands and prerequisites to become a doctor require sacrifice that not many are familiar with.

Then, as doctors, the bar is raised. They must be even more impressive in the work they do. They must continue to give their all in the name of medicine and public well-being. There’s no doubt about it: One of the greatest professions in the world requires a lot of capital – hours and hours of careful study and DEDICATION. Then there’s the price to attend medical school. In the end, the reward exceeds the labor. Saving lives, curing disease, providing hope and betting lives is an INCREDIBLE return on investment.

As a mortgage professional, we also require a steady hand to perform this work of helping individuals pursue their hopes and dreams. And, sometimes, a little triage may be needed to get a loan application across the finish line. We are also difference-makers, and we can make a difference in the lives of doctors, too.

These high-paid professionals are leaving medical school and entering an exciting career path with LOADS of debt. So much that they may feel they won’t qualify to buy a home.


Doctors put in too much work to be in a position of uncertainty as it pertains to their ability to become home owners. I have a specialized loan program just for doctors in Arizona.

I know how much doctors deserve this, that is why I am proud to offer the Medical Professional Program! These loans cover all the basis: they are flexible, competitive and are sure to fit the needs of medical professionals.

Take a look at the summary of eligibility:

• Existing medical doctors (including DOs), dentists, dental surgeons and veterinarians who are actively practicing and are within 10 years of completing their original residency or fellowship.
• (Or) Newly licensed medical residents who are currently employed, in residency or fellowship,
• (Or) Newly licensed medical students who are about to begin their new employment/residency within 60 days of closing
• A copy of the applicant’s current medical license is required to document eligibility to practice in the state of their current employment.
• Post-graduation of medical school, new doctors are awarded a provisional medical license to complete their residency. Upon completion of a residency a doctor is issued an unrestricted medical license.
• Non-occupant co-applicants are allowed per FNMA standard up to 89.90% LTV.

So, if you’re ready to be taken care of, the moment is now! Together, we will diagnose and treat ANY of your home loan concerns so that you’re put on the fast-track to homeownership!

To all of the doctors out there – THANK YOU!

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