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Lending in CA and AZ only
Lending in CA and AZ only

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I’ve had a lot of people ask me what I was doing prior to 2004, and my job here in mortgage banking. I thought I would share some of my personal background about where I got my start in coaching and helping people. After I graduated from Arizona State University I went into the health and fitness industry to help people with their goals, transform their life, manage stress and live longer and fuller lives. Most of my work at that time focused on nutrition, supplementation, coaching and educating people and empowering them on how to obtain their goals. I had an incredible opportunity to work with people on a large scale with health and fitness at that time. Many years later, I made a change in my own career goals and decided I wanted to help people with their financial fitness goals with a focus on real estate and lending options. My background in health coaching has helped me a lot in the work I do today in helping people understand how to be financially fit, while living the life of their dreams. I’m here to help guide you through the mortgage lending process and learn about all the choices you have so you can choose the one that best match your needs and situation. Please feel free to reach out to me because when I say I love to do Q&A sessions I really mean it.

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